Monday, May 24, 2010

A second wind and African Skies

Hello all,
Last week I was heading to the village market, when I was called over to a small mud hut. The caller's face was familiar, but I had never had a conservation with him beyond the typical Togolese salutations. He is old. His accounts of the change from German-French Togolese rule (1916- I think) puts him at least 90. His position as village "sage," elder, and clairvoyant are well known. Trying to decided wether or not he had been drinking, I approached, bowed slightly and, per Togoless customs, awaited his response to my opening salutations.

He told me in a low wispered voice:
"Ma fille, ton projet va reussir. Tiens dur, ne perds pas d'espoir, et continue toujours."
(My daughter, your project will success. Hold on, don't lose hope, and continue always.)

Some might say it was coincidence, as I was having a particularly hard day. I was also tinkering with the thought that my project would not get fully funded, my bike had just gotten a flat tire, and I was sunburned. However, I'd like to think of it more as my "second" wind.

If you have not had the opportunity to send out an email on my behalf, think of this as a friendly pleading. If you already have, a friendly pleading of your own might be useful. If you have exhausted all communicative efforts- prayer, meditation, or whatever spiritual means you find effective are more than welcome!

Thanks to all of you who have started fundraising on my behalf. It really means more than I can express in an email. Thanks especially to those of you who were able to contribute financially.

This is no longer a far-fetched, idealistic, or rather unrealistic project. It's written in the Africa skies. Be a part of it.

In peace and Love,

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